• Lecture on traditional architecture in Pokrevenik

    Lecture on traditional architecture in Pokrevenik

    Pokrevenik, Stara planina These days, 17 fourth-year students of the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, together with their professor Danijela Milovanović Rodić, are staying in the village of Pokrevenik near Lake Zavoj. This is the sixth time since 2018 that, within the elective course “Architects and Civic Initiatives for Sustainable Development”, practical classes have been…

  • Special award presented

    Special award presented

    In Niš, the first Special Award of the Architect Aleksandar Radović Foundation was presented to the Association of Citizens of Podbara “Almašani”, for their long-term work in preserving the oldest part of Novi Sad – “Almaški kraj”. The award was received by the president of “Almašani”, Marijan Majin, and the initiative was presented by urban…

  • The world of Stara Planina architecture

    The world of Stara Planina architecture

    At the invitation of the non-governmental organization “Mestra” and the “Regional Open-Air Ethnographic Museum” in Eter (Gabrovo, Bulgaria), Elena Vasić Petrović gave a lecture entitled “Traditional heritage and local development in Serbia”. The program participants were extremely interested in the projects that have been implemented so far, as well as in the Foundation’s publications.



    6th Architect Aleksandar Radović Award, Niš 2022. In the Arsenal building (Pavilion in the fortress), the award ceremony was held for the sixth time.Danijela Milovanović Rodić, Ph.D., presented the award on behalf of the jury.This year’s laureate is Rade Mrlješ, an associate of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the City of…

  • Revival of the Stone Village

    Revival of the Stone Village

    The project “Revival of the stone village” is one of the 10 grant winners of the sub-programme of the “European Heritage Days” event for 2019. This event is called “European Heritage Stories”. As part of the general assembly in Strasbourg, in October 2019 at the Palace of Europe, we were awarded in the competition of…



    Institute for Cultural Heritage Preservation Niš and Architect Aleksandar Radović Foundation are organizing “Heritage Days in Niš”, on 24 and 25 March 2017. The event includes the promotion of the most valuable achievements (publications, exhibitions) and implemented projects from the region, in the field of heritage. Besides the museum and institutes from Serbia, the event…