Special award presented

In Niš, the first Special Award of the Architect Aleksandar Radović Foundation was presented to the Association of Citizens of Podbara “Almašani”, for their long-term work in preserving the oldest part of Novi Sad – “Almaški kraj”.

The award was received by the president of “Almašani”, Marijan Majin, and the initiative was presented by urban planner Darko Polić.

The audience gathered in the conference hall of the “Ambassador” hotel was also addressed by the director of the Foundation, Elena Vasić Petrović, presenting the Foundation’s work in the past year, as well as the other participants in the “Community and Heritage” panel.

Assistant Professor Danijela Milovanović Rodić, Ph.D., from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade, spoke about the numerous activities carried out within the elective course “Architects and Citizen Initiatives for Sustainable Development”, which were realized in the area of Stara Planina, together with local communities and numerous civil society organizations.

The initiative “Ethno magic” from Prva Kutina, which was also nominated for a Special Award, was presented by Professor Phd Aleksandra Marinković.