Awards are presented once a year. The following jury members are deciding on the laureates:

  1. Phd Nenad Šekularac (president)
  2. Phd Danijela Milovanović Rodić (vice president)
  3. Phd Mirko Stanimirović (member)
  4. Ljiljana Deere (member-Radović family)
  5. Dejan Rudić Vranić (member)

Architect Aleksandar Radovic Award

The award named after architect Aleksandar Radović was established with the aim of encouraging, developing and affirming the field of immovable cultural property protection and the architectural creativity of young experts.

Foundation’s Special Award

The special recognition of the Foundation is awarded to exceptional individuals or organizations (NGO, informal groups, etc.), whose work or professional career is based on the principles and goals of the Foundation.